Risk Free Advertising for
Finance & Business

Pay only when an action occurs such as a sale for e-commerce or meaningful engagement after the click on all other sites.

Built to work with:

How it works

Powered by a single code snippet

Per Sale

The code snippet will determine if you are an e-commerce site, if so then you will only pay for a percentage of each sale that occurs after an ad click.

Per Meaningful Engagement

After an ad click, if the user actions indicate meaningful actions, such as download, signups, or brand understanding then you pay.

Display Ads

Ads will display in non intrusive sticky ad optimized for viewer attention, not distraction.


Remove the risk in advertising.

Pay only when meaningful action occurs post click. This allows you to get the peace of mind knowing there will be no click fraud, and you only pay for results.

E-commerce: Pay a percentage of each sale that results from a click.

Other Sites: Pay only when a click results in meaningful action being taken on your site.

Publishers - Risk Free

Get paid based on your sites monthly traffic or based on results of ad conversion, you choose.

What our users are saying

Testing Advend on a controlled scale wielded great results:

Only paying for actions has resulted in a large user growth at way less cost than my PPC campaign.


Having a steady and predictable revenue stream through ads is a stress relief from other ad networks.



In this industry, user acquisition is extremely expensive, but Advend makes it beyond cost effective.



Frequently Asked Questions

What types of websites can use Advend?

Any website can signup, however, Advend works best with Advertisers and Publishers who are involved in the finance, business, real estate, investing or related industries.

What if I want to be an Advertiser and a Publisher?

Any account can be an Advertiser and/or Publisher through the same code snippet. You just have to setup an ad campaign to be an Advertiser, and you have to toggle on ads to be a Publisher.

How many ad campaigns can I run at a time?

You can run 3 ad campaigns at a time.

What types of ads will show up on my site?

Only relevant vetted and approved ads will show up on your site.

What types of sites will my ads show up on?

Ads will show up on relevant, vetted sites that will optimize their performance.

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